Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Salem Ferry mini billboard projects message onto State Street sidewalk -

Boston Harbor Cruises is promoting its Salem Ferry service with a mini-street billboard that projects part of its message onto the sidewalk of a stretch of Boston’s State Street that is heavily trafficked by tourists, said Rattle, Boston Harbor Cruises’ ad agency.

Rattle is working on the project with JCDecaux, a media company whose specialties include so-called â€Å"street furniture” that is designed for the placement of ads. One example of street furniture is a bus-stop kiosk that has panels of advertising on one or more of its sides.

Boston Harbor Cruises is leasing space on an illuminated piece of JCDecaux street furniture on a part of State Street that is near Faneuil Hall.

What’s different about this illuminated ad panel is that it can also project a message onto the sidewalk. According to Beverly-based Rattle, this mini street billboard is the only one of its kind in Boston. After dark, the sign will project the message of, â€Å"This Way to Salem,” onto the sidewalk. The thinking is that this sidewalk message will draw a pedestrian’s eye to the message on the illuminated panel on the bus-stop kiosk. The panel’s message is, â€Å"Only a Broom Will Get You To Salem Faster.”

The Salem Ferry service is mainly aimed at tourists. The Salem Ferry website notes, â€Å"Hop aboard at Boston’s Long Wharf, and in less than an hour you’ll be sightseeing, museum hopping, sampling the specialties of local chefs, and shopping in Salem’s many quaint boutiques and quirky shops.”

In a statement, Rattle partner Sally Murphy said of the Salem Ferry ad, â€Å"We saw the projection street panel as a great, clutter-busting opportunity to spike awareness of the ferry service to Salem just in time for the peak Halloween tourism season.”

The projection street panel is scheduled to light up Salem Ferry’s message through October, Rattle said.

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